• Safe Communities

A “Safe Community” can be a: Municipality; a County; a City or a District of a City working with safety promotion, Injury-, Violence- and Suicide- prevention and prevention of the consequences (human injuries) related to Natural Disaster, covering all age groups, gender and areas and is a part of an international network of accredited programs.

  • The Seven Indicators of a Safe Community

1. An infrastructure based on partnership and collaborations, governed by a cross- sector group that is responsible for safety promotion in their community.

2. Long-term, sustainable programs covering genders and all ages, environments, and situations.

3. Programs that target high-risk groups and environments, and programs that promote safety for vulnerable groups.

4. Programs that are based on the available evidence.

5. Programs that document the frequency and causes of injuries.

6. Evaluation measures to assess their programs, processes and the effects of change.

7. Ongoing participation in national and international Safe Communities networks.


  • About Neihu Safe Community

The promotion of Neihu Safe Community started since 2002.

Under the call of the president ex-District Chief Mr.Qing Quan Sun(孫清泉) , and the Mr.David Fuk.Loi.Ong(翁福來),Professor Lu Bai(白璐),Professor Tzung.Shiun.Li (李宗勳)public-spirited people from academia, industries and local community quickly gathered to join in the preparatory work. In 2004, “Neihu Safety and Health Promotion Association, Taipei” was established. Combining the force from industry, government, academia, and citizen, “Neihu Safety and Health Promotion Association, Taipei” eventually passed the World Health Organization Community Safety Promotion Center certification and became the 94th international safe community worldwide. Ms. Ming Zhu Li(李明珠)served as the third president since August 20, 2011.